Luxury Invitation Cards

Grab your target audience’s attention with Custom Luxury Cards

Cards are very important tools of marketing for any business. They are very useful tools that cost very less but have great benefits for their value. Even in current age of technology, business cards are one of the beginner steps of marketing for small and large scale businesses. Cards are easy to produce and hand out. Due to their small size, they can be conveniently carried anywhere in your wallet or pocket. On the other hand, invitation cards are also very common for different occasions like weddings, events, trade shows etc. However, most of these cards we have talked about are made of paper card, which is a very common option. What if you had something that could grab your customers’ attention more effortlessly?

iPrintSol has brought an amazing custom product for you if you want to make a bigger impression on customers. Our Custom Luxury Cards, which have unique style and finish. Our Luxury Cards have different properties than a regular Custom Card. The best thing about these Custom Luxury cards is that they can still be personalized according to your business and individual needs. The shape, size and design is complete customizable!

We offer various options like:

  • Die-cut and Laser Cut Wooden Cards
  • Printed and Engraved Wooden Cards
  • Laser Cut Printed Acrylic Cards

So feel free to request a quote or Contact us for further inquiries. Have any questions? Visit our FAQs page for answers.