Custom Photo-Cutout

Cardboard Cutouts custom-made from your photo.

Photo Cutouts are perfect idea for parties, events, corporate promotions and business advertising. They can be made in custom sizes like 3 feet or Life-size. You can print anything and make a cutout of it. For Kids, it is a good idea to print mini cutouts of their favorite superheroes or cartoon character and give them as a gift. Or you can get a Life-size Cutout of yourself, your family member or your favorite actor or character. Cardboard cutouts are a great idea for business promotion if you place them outside your office building. People will definitely stop and pay attention to it.

One of the more fun and enjoyable type of Photo cutout is Stand-in Cutouts. These are like a life-sized cardboard cutout but with the face-area cut out and removed so you can use them as a Photo Booth. They are really fun to use and best for parties, movie promotions, and corporate benefits.

You can share your favorite Photo Booth ideas with us by calling our 24/7 helpline at 033-PRINTING (77468464)  and we will make the highest quality cardboard cutouts with vibrant color printing that it’ll be hard to tell that they are not real!