Printed Wooden Docking

Organize your workplace in style with the Personalized Wooden-Docking-Stations

Looking for a unique gift for your friend or loved ones that will be used for a long time? Check out our Custom Docking Stations, Phone Holders and Phone Stands. These all make great gifts that can help you organize your products like Mobile phones, watches and wallet. Our Wooden Stands will help you keep them all in one place when you’re going to bed or come to office for work.  Our multi-functional docking stations have a slot for watches, keychain, wallet and a groove along the bottom for charging cords. It’s the perfect item to have at your home or office desk.

Our Docking Stations are made of high quality plywood with customization options. You can engrave a logo, text or design on your custom docking station. People of all age will appreciate this as a gift equally. It can be more useful for the males as they constantly have to carry their mobile phone, wallet, watch and vehicle keys every time they go out and it’s very easy to lose one of those things. So when you have something like a Dock Station where he can put all his things without losing, it makes it an even better thing to gift.