Customize Wall-paper

Add a personal touch to your place with a Custom Wallpaper.

3D Wallpapers are great for adding an aesthetic touch to your home and workplace. If you are bored of looking at single colored walls at your office or home, you can use Wallpaper for Walls t to enhance the visual appearance of the walls.  Home Wallpapers are like an add-on to your home décor. You can also get a Kitchen Wallpaper personalized specifically to suit the kitchen walls while you cook. You can customize different designs according to your preference and color theme of your living or workspace, like a Floral and a Brick Wallpaper.

Kids Wallpaper will add some extra magic to your children’s room. It’s something they can enjoy and show off to their friends.

Whether at office, shop or home, your Vinyl Wall Decals reflect your personality and personal taste. iPrintSol is your right printing partner for Custom Wallpapers. You can get wallpapers made for every kind of place as we offer several options like

  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Office Wallpapers
  • Conference Room
  • Retail Store wallpapers and much more!

We can turn your provided design into a vibrant wall covering. To make sure our customers get the best quality products, we pay close attention to our product quality during and after manufacturing. We offer best Wallpaper printing services in Lahore, Pakistan and you can easily request a quote or Contact us for more information.