Visiting card printing and the History of Business Cards

High quality card printing Karachi are the most common form of exchanging contact information between businesses and with the public. Originating in China in the 15th century, card printing Karachi began life as visiting cards, otherwise known as a calling card. card printing Karachi were quite a bit larger than the standard size of business card print today and were often the size of a playing card, which provided space for visitors to write their signatories, notes and other messages. Bound by strict social etiquette rules, their use spread to Europe from France, where they first appeared during the reign of Louis XIV in the 17th century.

During the 18th century a new type of card printing Karachi began to develop in Pakistan with a clearer business purpose. Newspapers remained an underdeveloped resource leaving merchants to find their own methods of advertising their stores to the general public. This niche demand led to the creation of the “Trade Card”.

Soon after their formation, trade cards quickly established themselves as the most popular form of business card printing Karachi. With no formal numbering system at this time the business card printing Karachi regularly included a map, directing the public to merchant’s stores.

The earliest forms of trade cards were printed using the woodcut or letterpress method, and up until the 19th century the cards were still printed in monotone or with simple tints, with many people opting simply for their name in black text on a plain white card which was used as business card printing Karachi.

Developments in technology ensured that by 1930, lithographic business card printing Karachi was the established method in Pakistan and these improvements, including the option to print in color, led businesses to create increasingly sophisticated designs for their business card printing Karachi.

Although they continued to be popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, business card printing Karachi gradually disappeared from use and its cousin, the trade card, transformed and developed into the high quality business cards we know and use today.

Now in the 21st century there is an almost limitless range of options available for quality card print, with the highest quality lithographic printers producing an outstanding and consistent print finish for all card printing requirements. Furthermore, the introduction of new materials and manufacturing processes has widened the creative options available for card printing services such as thermo-graphic business card print.

As an important sales tool in today’s society a poor quality of card printing services card print can reflect badly on a company. This has led to an increase in the use of thicker stocks for card printing services which are thought to create a superior impression. Traditionally a low weight un-laminated card stock was used, such as a 250gsm laid board, but in keeping with the need for a professional finish that is durable, 400gsm card printing services are now the preferred stock. Further enhancements such as matt or gloss lamination or spot UV can be added for a luxury card look and feel that really stands out from the crowd.

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